Imaginactive IS its team.

And that team is a band of creatives and fitness professionals or enthusiasts (often all three simultaneously), who have been pitching in for the love of the concept of ongoing Audio Fitness Adventures – and because, whenever they get together, they have far too much fun*.

* a lot of which has been recorded. Just saying.


Adele KirbyPhoto: Simon Fairclough

Fitness professional, writer, geek, surprised entrepreneur
Imaginactive Director and Lead Creative 

Adele has spent five years inflicting acts of exercise upon people in group exercise classes, personal training and bootcamps.

She started mulling on the idea of ‘audio fitness adventures’ nearly two years ago, as a potential solution to many friends’ low motivation and adherence to a regular exercise regime – and as a fairly unique intersection of her writing and fitness vocations.

Her vision for a creative/fitness hybrid company proved contagious, being caught and adopted by so many people that it has become A Real, Actual Thing over the last twelve months.

This is one of the most sensible photos ever taken of her. She lives with her viking and Tigger (one of the most photographed cats on the internet), drinks too much coffee, laughs too loudly and tries to put peanut butter on pretty much everything. At least once.


Chris JonesChris Jones Profile

Business Consultant
Imaginactive business mentor 

Chris first met Adele in 17th century France, and then again in 1940s Casablanca when he was Caspar Gutman and she Effie Perine. Back in the real world, he shortly thereafter offered to help her navigate the turbulent straits of business startup and has kept her sane, focussed and motivated through a steep learning curve.

When not dressing up in various period costume, Chris is the driving force behind the business consultancy firm NBV Ltd. He is involved with mentoring of several business owners and has extensive experience in many fields including Aerospace, Automotive, Banking, Charities, Defence, Education, and Pharma.

Above all else Chris is a problem solver and has successfully delivered many projects including large scale collaborative projects covering Europe, Africa and the USA.

Outside work Chris has a long standing interest in the use of Sustainable energy, space exploration and British motorcycles.  He has installed solar thermal systems, owns a 1969 BSA A10, and a 1997 Triumph Adventurer and is also an avid reader, with eclectic tastes, with a particular love of science (fact and fiction).


Philip NewtonPhil N profile

Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur, Devils Advocate
Imaginactive Development

Philip and Adele met at a gym they were both members of, and which eventually inspired them both to embark on fitness careers. Until that point Philip had worked in management accountancy, a period in which exercise was not a natural interest. He required constant motivation to lose weight and get fit, which made him a personal trainer highly sympathetic to clients who likewise found it a struggle.
When, years later Adele mentioned Imaginactive audio fitness adventures, he jumped at the chance to be involved in the perfect combination of exercise and entertainment!



Nicholas McInernyNicholas Profile

Scriptwriter for TV, radio and theatre
Imaginactive scriptwriter and editor

Nicholas was working with Adele as a script writing mentor when she brought up audio fitness adventures in passing. Along with his partner Jordan, Nicholas was instantly enthusiastic about the idea.

He brings invaluable years of screenwriting from 35 episodes of British shows such as Holby and The Bill, several west end theatre plays and over 30 radio plays, most recently the award-nominated and renewed BBC radio series How To Have A Perfect Marriage.

Nicholas is working with Adele to create the Imaginactive fictional universe and will be writing and script editing on Apocalypse Survival Training.


Rasmus Bom AndersenPhoto: Lorenzo Guerrieri

Composer, producer, musician, singer
Imaginative audio producer and composer

Ras was roped into Imaginactive over a coffee after allowing Adele to inflict acts of exercise on him, which lead to him producing the Hardman’s Army alpha test in 2013.

He will be producing the Apocalypse Survival Training program and providing all of the original musical compositions, as well as playing one or two characters and several alien monsters.

Ras also sings for several London function bands and classic UK metal band Diamond Head.



Niall WoodsNiall profile 2

Producer and musician
Imaginactive recording engineer

Though possibly the busiest man on the planet, Niall was introduced to Adele through Ras and, being a into fitness himself, was immediately engaged with the project. 

Terrifyingly, he sleeps less and has more energy than even Adele – while running recording studios in London and Dublin, touring, drumming and being a father. And he doesn’t even drink coffee.

The first Imaginactive programs will be recorded by him in his Wembley Porchlight Studio. An expert in audio design, he will also be creating the soundscape and alien monsters for Apocalypse Survival Training.


Chris LehrPHOTO: Simon Fairclough

Actor and Personal Trainer
Imaginative voice actor

Adele and Chris met when he worked on a gym reception dreaming of an acting career, and she worked at the History Channel dreaming of a writing career.

They both ended up with fitness careers first, which reunited them years later when Adele needed an actor to play Sergeant Hardman. Chris played the good Sergeant and three supporting characters in the Hardman’s Army alpha test, and will be reprising Hardman and Top Gun for Apocalypse Survival Training

Chris will also be involved in a series of unique Kickstarter experience perks including surviving enjoying a personal training session with Sergeant Hardman. The sessions are going to be hawesome. 


Ian Cooke PHOTO: Simon Fairclough

Imaginactive voice actor

Adele met Ian, Ras’ then housemate, just after the recording of the Hardman’s Army alpha test, which was a terrible pity as he has an extensive arsenal of voice styles, accents and alarmingly accurate impersonations.

Determined to use him anyway, Adele wrote the character Commander Ironside into the start of Hardman’s Army. Ian will be reprising Ironside in Apocalypse Survival Trainingalong with one or two other characters and several alien monsters. 




Neil WeaseNeil Wease Profile

Imaginactive voice actor

Adele first saw Neil on stage playing a duck. Through the course of later conversation she found out he was working on Something To Do With Doctor Who and he’s been unable to shake her off since.

When not deflecting Adele’s attempts to fish for information on the latest series of Who, Neil works for BBC Worldwide in the unglamorous world of facilities. The mundanity of that ensures that he sates his need to perform by regularly appearing in amateur musicals in London.

Prior to this he’s worked in BBC Local Radio, ran audio post-production studios, spent time flying as cabin crew and has loaned his face and voice to an actual cinema film….with David Tennant.

He will be playing a couple of characters in Apocalypse Survival Training, probably some monsters and there has been been talk of singing.



Will PikeWill Profile

Personal Trainer and spiritual health life mentor
Imaginactive fitness programmer

Will was a ray of light for Adele when she was struggling to adapt from the freedom of fitness instructing to the static life of a gym-based personal trainer. She closely followed his later work developing his own company love:Fitness and eventually trumped up the courage to ask him to help her with the fitness programming for Apocalypse Survival Training. To her great relief, he loved the idea.

Imaginactive programs are much more than just a series of exercises put together with a story. Adele particularly wanted Will involved because of their shared belief that the health and fitness industries often lack a deeper approach to working the body with the mind.

Drawing on his 10 years of experience in the fields of health, movement, spirituality and personal development, Will has developed an integrated approach that assists individuals to connect to themselves at a deeper level in order to create healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Will be designing the fitness programming of the Apocalypse Survival Training series, working with Adele to interlock the exercise components with the story to create a powerful personal narrative for users, ensuring Imaginative programs are much more than a straightforward physical experience.


Gurmukh PanesarG profile

Website and App designer
Imaginactive app designer

G is a web designer for a prestigious agency with clients including Nike, Heineken and Volkswagon. Having turned his hand to app design on the side, he was introduced to Adele via Will, and being a fitness enthusiast, immediately stepped on board with Imaginactive. 

He will be building the first, basic Imaginactive app for iOS  and Android on the highly adaptable Titanium framework. He will then be leading the development of successive – and more complex – generations of Imaginactive apps.



John AllisonJohn Allison Profile

VFX artist
Imaginactive visual designer

John met Adele and Ras in their local pub when they kept pulling him into a rowdy game of Cards Against Humanity. He and Adele bonded over her final play: the Doctor Who ‘mad man in a box’ card, after which they discovered both badly want to work on the show.

He become dragged into involved in Imaginactive soon after by offering to help Adele out with any visual/graphic/video problems. Like a bat signal, they have an agreed ‘oh f**k, help me, John’ button – which she basically hits all the time.

He will managing ongoing graphic, app, logo and visual design and video post production, and they are secretly plotting to need his VFX skills as the company develops and expands. Before they eventually jointly take over Doctor Who.


Daniele Quartudaniele profile

Imaginactive concept artist

Daniele worked at one of Adele’s daily writing coffices where he endured her unrelenting cheerfulness at 7am five days a week. Despite this, they remained friends and years later, he has made a career from his artwork. 

Perhaps better known as Letter-Q, Daniele is brilliant at juxtaposing known popular culture characters and references to make dynamic, double-take artwork. Adele knew he would be able to catch the quirky feel of Apocalypse Survival Training so was thrilled when he agreed to draw a number of references images for the programme.

Schedule allowing, he will follow these up with finished printable artwork in his distinct, idiosyncratic style for Apocalypse Survival Training and future Imaginactive programs.