Apocalypse Survival Training is in production.

Hear the teaser…

…and hear the theme tune…

…but before AST, there was Hardman’s Army…

Everyone liked the idea of audio fitness adventures, but no-one outside the Imaginactive team could get their head around how it would actually work. Early on, even Adele had her doubts about how convincingly ongoing stories would work when constrained by the framework of a structured full body exercise programme.

A year-long storyline was taking shape while she wrote the first episode of the circuit series, Hardman’s Army (which you can hear excerpts from below). This program was specifically targeted towards people who don’t enjoy working out, and was tested on a group of 22 people ranging from fellow fitness professionals to people with typically low exercise adherence.

The feedback was extremely positive and proved user willingness to buy into this kooky marriage of a radio play and a circuit workout. You can read what our alpha test group said about the episode here and you can see Hardman in action in our (Not the) Kickstarter video here.

Starting a year-long programme seemed foolhardy for a new company though, so the team turned to developing a three-month single arc programme, which would set up the much bigger storyline to which Hardman’s Army belongs…

… and Apocalypse Survival Training was born.


Hardman’s Army alpha test samples

HA was designed for reluctant exercisers, featuring sympathetic reluctant exercisers and an over the top drill sergeant. Apocalypse Survival Training is a more general fitness programme, featuring a wider range of attitudes to exercise in its characters and the workouts are lead by a number of characters.

HA was recorded over a couple of sessions in a studio, lounge and bedroom, hence some variation in audio quality.

WARNING: contains strong language including bleeped swear words (which will not feature so heavily in Apocalypse Survival Training)



Intro scene


‘What’s wrong with being strong at, say, sudoko?’


‘Cookies? You’re thinking about cookies?!’


‘Your survival is your responsibility.’


‘Glorious field of war!’


‘Do you want to be adequate…or awesome?’


‘The other C word…’


‘There is no cake in bootcamp!


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