In early 2014 we put out Hardman’s Army, an alpha test single episode, to trial the concept of a full body audio fitness adventure workout. 22 people completed the program and feedback forms, which were mostly multiple choice, but included the excerpts below. Names are withheld only as the alpha test was conducted confidentially under a two-way non disclosure agreement.

You can listen to samples from Hardman’s Army here and see Hardman in action in our (Not the) Kickstarter Video here.

Hardman at work in our (Not the) Kickstarter Video
Sergeant Hardman at work in our (Not the) Kickstarter Video


Our alpha testers said…

‘Been doing the workout about 3 times last week and it was amazing. I never thought I could do so much. Really fun and good product. It keeps you motivated and keeps distractions off.’


‘Overall, I really liked it. Liked Hardman, liked the exercises, liked the feedback [from Hardman].’


‘It was good and the time went by very quickly. Looking forward to doing it again next Saturday.’


‘I enjoyed the story it took my mind off the PAIN!’


‘How am I supposed to stop laughing long enough to exercise?’


‘I hate exercise. Exercise is evil! But with Hardman’s Army, it goes away quickly, so it’s not so bad.’


‘When I did Hardman’s Army, the time went fast. I was smiling when listening to those voices.’


‘The characters make it more interesting and make me want to be able to complete the workout with them.’


‘I hate exercise but weirdly, it is over relatively quickly… Obviously I would prefer to sit on the couch and eat pizza but I am not dreading it too much either.’


‘I loved the concept of it and it really immersed me in the exercises, it didn’t feel like I exercised for 30mins which is great, also circuits is not my favourite thing, never was, guess it never will be, but Hardman’s Army kind of made it bearable.’


‘The emotional boost I needed at the time was completely satisfied by the fitness, and the company I felt I had and needed at the time. I managed to push myself a little further in each round, and look forward to Hardman making me work harder as the sessions go on.’


‘Hardman really did make me laugh. Having known some drill sergeants he is on the money. This is a Hawesome workout and would get me more into exercise, it’s good how I felt I wasn’t alone. I want to hear more NOW.’


‘I really like someone telling me what to do. The story is a nice distraction, and it will be fun to have a running story line.’


‘A real positive was trying to improve on last time, making sure I completed more press ups etc. Am looking forward to hearing the progression of the story.’


‘Both times, I was really impressed by how well the whole thing is done! Hardman giving the instructions for the next exercise while you’re jogging gives you time to prepare yourself and understand what you’re supposed to do, and I really like that he uses the instruction-free time to give information about what muscle groups you’re working, the purpose of the exercises, bits of worldbuilding, as well as jokes of course ^^ It makes the whole audio really enjoyable to listen to throughout, so well done!’


‘Wow! im very impressed, its sounds professional and had me intently listening. It’s motivational and i think the voices were catchy. I liked the mixture of strong and weak characters.’


‘I felt the balance between the authority of Hardman and the accessibility of the group members. It was like having a sarcastic voice to be an outlet for the frustration of wanting to quit and at the same time someone telling you not to quit.’


‘As I said, my main concern is that I might have trouble keeping the rhythm if I’m laughing too much. The dialogue is awesome and hilarious.’


‘My favourite part is that I immediately found myself relating to the group members, and to be honest I kinda wish they were real characters running next to me, or that I could have a virtual version of myself running next to them.’
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