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Although Apocalypse Survival Training is not scheduled for release until around the third quarter of 2015, if you would like to talk to us about the programme, concept, its challenges or being a new tech fitness tech start-up, please get in touch at info@imaginactive-fitness.com.

See Adele talk about AST on CNBC

(although once again, we must remind people that although the media continually associates anything apocalyptic with zombies, there are NO ZOMBIES in AST! and we’re not a running program but a whole body cross training programme…)

You can listen to Adele talk about Apocalypse Survival Training on:

The App Guy Podcast
Geek Syndicate ep 231 (at the one hour mark)
The Audio Drama Production Podcast (starting at 24:30)


Read about the Apocalypse Survival Training Kickstarter campaign:


Coverage 3


And we were in the London Metro too, only they also mistook us for another, existing, awesome fitness app so we don’t really talk about that…

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