An audio fitness adventure is like a podcast series, where every episode is a workout in an ongoing narrative. It’s like having an engaging, entertaining and effective fitness program on your phone to use at your level, on your own or with friends, from home.

Imaginactive is currently in production for our first audio fitness adventure, APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL TRAINING.

All you need is your imagination, phone and headphones
All you need is your imagination, phone and headphones

Chances are, if you…

  • like the idea of your exercise being entertaining
  • need to bully psyche yourself up to work out
  • find exercise difficult to fit in
  • don’t have access to or feel at home in a gym
  • don’t always know what to actually do with your workout
  • want to get Apocalypse Ready

…then we’re working on something you’ll want to know about.

Imaginactive is a young company passionate about what we call exertainment – exercise experiences while being entertained. 

Our 30-40 minute programmes deliver full-body workouts, and take a holistic approach to your training – which basically means we don’t just challenge your body, but also your focus, resilience, imagination and intuition.

So does any of this sound awesome for a new workout?

  • Smart phone iOS and Android app delivery
  • Compact 30-40 minute programmes
  • Running, strength circuit and holistic sessions
  • Immersion in an ongoing comedy/drama episodic story line
  • Can be done at home, outdoors or on the treadmill
  • Provides physical and mental challenges

So you want an entertaining workout. We want to give you Apocalypse Survival Training.

Literally. In October 2014 we successfully kickstarted our Apocalypse Survival Training app. Season 1, arriving in 2016, will be the first in an ongoing series of audio fitness adventures to make your regular workouts remarkable.

We would love you to stay in touch while we make exercise epic!

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